Home Design Inspiration Binder Template

  We've received quite a few emails over the past few weeks about our inspiration binder for our new house build! We designed our own because we couldn't find anything stylish out there online. We're also sharing a free download of the template for anyone wanting to create one of their own! 

When we first started planning for our new home we spent a ton of time saving images to Pinterest and pouring over magazines, but that quickly got overwhelming! We had SO many ideas of things we liked that it was hard to visualize what we actually wanted to do. We designed this inspiration reference guide in google drive and it's already proved to be super helpful. It's a great shared location that we can both update the file and send to contractors, designers, and anyone who might find it helpful.

home design inspiration binder | organizing house plans and renovation inspo

  We use a digital version of our inspiration guide but also have it printed out and in a physical binder where we've added into sleeve protectors our architectural plans, paint swatches, business cards and even pages torn out from design magazines.  There's something special about flipping through the plan pages in "real life"!

interior design inspiration binder

   Here's a page right out of our inspiration binder! We have a page for every single room in our house that we've selected for reference as well as a call out of what features and elements of the images are most important to use. You can customize all of the pages in the template with your images and duplicate them to make it all your own.

mudroom inspiration from our design inspiration template

mudroom photos: 1 // 2 // 3

   As our house design progresses we've also added in additional pages to save our top picks for lighting, cabinetry, flooring, and furniture. It's a total team effort since the two of us are both into design and we've been having a lot of fun with it.  Eventually, we'll save contracts and invoices in this binder as well. We are using a 2.5" binder to make sure there's room for everything. 

home design inspiration template download | la petite farmhouse

   If you want to download a copy of our design inspiration template, click here and we'll email it right your way!

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  Whether you're building a new home, renovating, or just wanting to spruce up your space, we'd love to see how you use your template. Have fun with it and be sure to tag us if you end up putting it to good use!

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