Farmhouse Build Progress: Foundation

    It's hard to believe it's been about a month since we broke ground on our farmhouse build. It has been a total whirlwind of emotions, decisions, and progress - with record breaking high temperatures to add into the mix! Things have been moving quickly and each day brings a barrage of research and trips to the hardware store. We're feeling grateful and a tiny bit overwhelmed, and very thankful for support and everyone who's helped to make this happen.

house build progress - month one

So far in our building process we have:

  • Excavated the site that the house will sit on 
  • Poured cement for the basement footers and walls
  • Added radiant heating to the basement and garage flooring
  • Poured basement and garage flooring
  • Backfilled the dirt around the foundation

  The roof trusses arrived over the weekend.. so this week we start framing! The house will really start to take shape and we can't wait to see it all continue to come together!

   We've received a few questions from blog readers about some of the steps we took to design a more cost-effective building plan & for a look at our floor plan - so we'll be working on that for you all! We've been posting daily progress in our Instagram stories if you're curious about the progress so far. We so appreciate all of the sweet and supportive messages and tips we've been receiving. Thank you!