10 Cozy Hygge Date Night Ideas

   We've noticed a common theme for our date nights.. a whole lotta hygge. If you haven't heard about hygge yet,  it's a Scandinavian concept of coziness.  These date nights are also ideal if like us, you're trying to save money for a home or other big expenses! The biggest rule for our date nights are to keep phones away. Kyle's love language is "quality time", so it's important to us to not spend our time together scrolling on Instagram or checking email.

    When we got married we promised each other we would always make time for each other. Sometimes our chaotic schedules mean setting aside time on a weeknight, but it doesn't make it any less special. 

10 Hygge Date Night Ideas | La Petite Farmhouse

10 Hygge Date Night Ideas

1. DIY Cheese & Charcuterie Board -  Living in Wisconsin, we'd like to think it's perfectly accessible to eat cheese for dinner. Our local grocery store sells tiny hunks of "oprhan cheeses", which is an easy way to try a bunch of pricier cheese varieties. We have a marble pastry slab from Crate and Barrel that we use when we want to feel extra fancy. 

2. A Relaxing Spa Night:  Put some lavender essential oil in a diffuser, put on a calming playlist and trade massages. Romantic and de-stressing, win-win! 

3.  At Home Cooking Class-  Create an at-home cooking class, just buy the supplies and follow along together watching a step-by-step cooking video on youtube.  Not only do you learn how to make something new, but you get a delicious dinner out of it too!

4. Blind Wine-Tasting Night: We love to head to Trader Joe's to get 3-4 bottles of wine from the same varietal and different pricepoints. We'll put the bottles in a paper bag to cover the bottle and give each a rating/review. It's helpful when you're not just judging a wine by a label and often times you're surprised that you end up liking a more affordable bottle. 

5.  Movie Night Upgrade: We take turns letting one another choose what to watch. (Pro tip: keep an ongoing "to-watch" list so you don't have to spend 30-minutes deciding each time). We light a candle for a warm glow, and cozy up with a throw blanket. We also love to make some microwave popcorn and throw in some seasoning like rosemary & real butter to fancify it.  Our rule is no laying down, otherwise one of us is likely to fall asleep!

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6.  Record Night - Kyle bought a record player as a wedding gift. Over the past year we've been adding to our collection and borrowing some vinyl from our parents. We take turns choosing an album, grab a glass of wine, and catch up on each other's days.

7. Game Night with Friends: We're big scrabble nerds, so it's a great excuse to get together for a cozy night in with friends for a double-date. To up the ante.. losers have to buy the order-in pizza!

8.  Iron Chef Challenge:  Each of you writes down 3 ingredients that you have in the house and put in a hat. Have someone choose a slip of paper and that will be the ingredient that you both have to create a meal around for the other person. Perfect if you love competition & cooking!

9.  A Travel Themed Evening: If you and your significant other have insatiable wanderlust like we do, you'll love a travel themed evening. We love to cook with a theme in mind, put on some music to fit the vibe, and finish it up with a movie highlighting that location. For example dinner might be paella paired with sangria, a fun spanish guitar playlist, and wrapping things up with the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

10.  Moonlit Hike: Cozy date nights aren't just limited to home. See if a local park or nature preserve as any nighttime activities. Ours offers a moonlit paddle in canoes on the lake and hiking. Bundling up to go outside and sharing a hot cocoa later sounds perfect.


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    Be sure to share your favorite hygge date nights in the comments, we love new ideas It doesn't have to break the bank to be memorable or to spend quality time together!