2018 Word of the Year: Wellness

   For the past few years I've been choosing a word to focus on rather than making hard-to-keep resolutions each January. It represents the one thing I want my year to revolve around and keep top of mind. I have a fresh new set of PowerSheets to check in on my goals for each month to make sure that the little by little progress I'm making is adding up.

    Last year Kyle and I chose the word simplify. We centered our entire 2017 around it.. slowing down to enjoy little things, decluttering our home and starting to practice our own form of minimalism, attempting to uncomplicate life.. even just a little bit. It made a big difference and it was more of a lifestyle change than just a yearly goal.

focus word of the year: wellness

   The word I chose for 2018 is Wellness. It's not about losing weight or vowing to make it to the gym every day. It's about balancing a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I will be prioritizing self-care, maintaining stress levels, and making more time for the relationships in my life. 

   In December Kyle and I both "hit a wall".  After an intense month of travel for work, general life stress, and crazy busy schedule, my body kind of gave up. We both got really sick with different ailments and my normal attitude of "can't stop, won't stop" just didn't fly. It was a good wake-up call that health and well-being are not a given. It's up to us to take care of ourselves, listen to our bodies, and you do not have to (and shouldn't try to) do it all.

My wellness essentials:   Lavender & Cedar Candle -  Slow North  | Sweet Dreams Spray -  Happy Spritz  | Gratitude Journal -  Hutch & Hide  (also on  Amazon ) | Coco Rose Body Polish -  Herbivore  | Rest & Relax Essential Oil Roller -  Graced Home

My wellness essentials:  Lavender & Cedar Candle - Slow North | Sweet Dreams Spray - Happy Spritz | Gratitude Journal - Hutch & Hide (also on Amazon) | Coco Rose Body Polish - Herbivore | Rest & Relax Essential Oil Roller - Graced Home

      Here are a few ways I'm focusing on wellness in 2018:

  • Getting more sleep. I'm reading Arianna Huffington's Sleep Revolution Book & taking cues to help myself signal to my body it's time for bed like diffusing lavender essential oil & spraying Happy Spritz's Sweet Dreams Spray on my pillowcase.
  • Eating better. One of the steps I'm taking is doing a food sensitivity test through EverlyWell. We're both making efforts to cook healthier meals together and I'm looking forward to learning about what foods don't sit as well with me.
  • Practicing daily gratitude. I've tried writing down what I'm grateful for in a notebook each day, but this journal makes it a beautiful part of your daily routine.
  • A new mattress & pillow. It's said that we spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. My pillow choice can be a real pain in the neck (literally!). After waking up with sore muscles we knew it was time to update both. We've had the Tuft & Needle mattress for 6 months and it is a game changer. I just caved and bought the pillow and am excited to give a review of both.
  • Manage stress and anxiety. I've always been a worrier and as I get older, it just seems to get worse. I'm finding ways to calm myself if I feel anxiety building. I like to keep relaxing blends of roll-on essential oil in my purse. I picked up a few from Graced Home to keep one stashed in my purse & bedside.
  • Exercise. Nothing would make me happier than to become a morning workout person. I leave for work at 7 AM, but the idea of waking up and exercising with a mix of yoga, barre, and even just a hike around the woods seems like a routine I could get used to.

  • Natural products. I'm continuing to swap out my beauty & cleaning products to more natural and less toxic options. It gives me peace of mind that I can pronounce the ingredients and enjoy the long-term benefits. My favorite brands right now are: Aveda, Little Barn Apothecary, Herbivore, and Burt's Bees.
  • Focus on relationships. I don't ever want being "busy" get in the way of relationships. I want to take time for our marriage, friends near & far, family, and spiritual relationships. People are what bring joy into life and I want to make sure I'm fully present!

What word are you focusing on for 2018?