Gray Kitchen Cabinets: 3 Ways

        For the longest time, it's felt like our house build was too far away to start thinking through the aesthetic details. Finally, it doesn't feel like such a distant dream and it's exciting to begin making initial decisions about our interior design plan. The kitchen is equally one of the most thrilling and overwhelming spaces to make choices for. There are so many elements that have to work in harmony together- from counters to backsplash, hardware, cabinet color and style, and appliances. 

     We've fluctuated a lot over the color cabinets we want. We love the bright & airiness of white cabinets but on the other hand, the boldness of a dark color colored cabinet. Thankfully, we've found a happy medium with gray cabinets. They feel modern yet timeless and can fit into so many design styles based on the surrounding elements you choose.

Gray Cabinets: 3 Ways

    We're sharing three different ways to incorporate gray cabinets into your modern farmhouse style plans- whether you're looking for something minimalist, bohemian, or mid-century glam. We love how fresh these looks are and are already dreaming up our dream kitchen (the minimalist farmhouse is probably closest to where we'll land)!

Gray Cabinets: 3 Ways | Minimalist Farmhouse

gray cabinets: 3 ways | minimalist farmhouse

Gray Cabinets | White Subway Tile | Polished Marble Slab | Silver Hardware (a steal!) | Industrial Barnwood Shelf | White Dutch Oven | Stoneware Bowl | Faux Plant

   We love this look because it feels most versatile. Classic white subway tile (with a grey grout), a light colored stone countertop and brushed silver hardware feel traditional but are modernized with reclaimed wood open shelving. I love the idea of swapping out what you have displayed depending on the season or what fits your mood! 

Gray Cabinets 3 Ways: Bohemian Modern

gray cabinets: 3 Ways | bohemian modern

Gray Cabinets | White Cabinets | Black & White Patterned Tile | Oil Rubbed Bronze Hardware | Butcher Block Countertop | Ice Blue Kitchenaid Mixer

  If you've been following the blog during our design and inspiration pulling process, you know that we're obsessing over patterned tile. While we're more likely to use it in our powder room or on one side of our kitchen island, it makes for a beautiful & bold backsplash. We also love the low-key affordability of a butcher block counter top and a contrasting top & bottom cabinetry colors. Also, please tell us we're not the only ones who just realized Oil Rubbed Bronze basically means "black". 

Gray Cabinets: 3 Ways  Mid-Century Glam

gray cabinets: 3 ways | mid-century glamour

Gray Cabinets | Wine Storage Cabinet | Brass HardwareWhite Hexagon Tile | Gray Marble Slab | Gold Pour Over Coffee | Mid-Century Plant

   One of the design trends we can't get enough of is a mid-century modern look. Pair hexagon tile with a sophisticated swirly marble countertop and add a dose of glamour with brass hardware and coordinating coffee accessories. We love that this look is on the other end of the spectrum from the minimalist farmhouse look, yet still feels totally "us". 


   I promise there are exciting updates to come on our status with the house project. Pinch me!