10 Pieces We Hope are in Chip & Jo's Target Collection

   I literally let out an audible "OMG" when I first saw the news that Chip and Joanna Gaines, of Fixer Upper fame, would be launching a collection at Target. This combination of two of our favorite people/places couldn't be more timely - especially when someday soon we'll be needing to decorate our home. (P.S. the collection launches on November 5th)!

   I'm not sure what was more exciting - the idea that "Hearth and Hand" by Magnolia  is not a one-time collection, but will be a multi-year partnership, or that Joanna herself described it as "modern farmhouse" which is our aesthetic in a nutshell. I will definitely throw in the disclaimer that we prefer to buy local and handmade when possible - but these pieces will definitely be wonderful to add into the mix.

   Since very few details have been shared other than that there will be tabletop, home decor, and gift items, we thought we'd have a little fun and share 10 pieces we're hoping are going to be in the collection. 

photo source: HGTV

photo source: HGTV

1. Art Prints

We love hunting for vintage botanical prints and farmhouse style art. Jo is a pro at picking the perfect complementary pieces to give a home timeless charm. (source).

2. Dishes

Hunting down basic, minimalist dishes that go-with-everything was one of the most difficult items we registered for during our wedding. It would be perfect for their collection. (source)

 3. Furniture

We've been loving the mid-century style pieces that have been used more frequently on Fixer Upper. Pretty please, fingers crossed that there will be some of this in the new line and we wouldn't mind couches either! (source)

4. Jo's Accessories

Has anyone else noticed how Joanna Gaines is always perfectly accessorized? Wrap bracelets that feel laid back enough for a worksite to dainty boho neclaces-  I (Lauren) will take one of each! (source)

5. Natural Cleaning Supplies

It seems like it would make perfect sense for the team behind Fixer Upper to have a line of natural cleaning supplies that are equal parts functional and pretty -- we can dream right? (source)

6. Wallpaper & Decals

We've been obsessing over the line of wallpaper that recently launched on the Magnolia site. It would be so amazing to have a line of removable wallpaper or decals for statement spaces - especially to be able to see them in person. (source)

7. Candles

Farmer's Market Florals,  Fresh Cut Grass, Backyard Campfire .. can't you just almost smell them? Candles are one of our favorite little luxuries and these would be too perfect in our home. (source)

8. Bedding

Finding affordable and stylish bedding can be quite a challenge. It also has the power to completely change the look and feel of a space. We're hoping this will be a part of the collection for our future master bedroom! (source)

9. Organizational Items

From wire baskets to wood milk crates and glass pantry storage, the team behind Magnolia and Fixer Upper always leave a room feeling minimalist and clutter free. We're always on the hunt for organizational pieces that fit in with our existing decor. (source)

10.  Kitchen Accessories

Cute kitchen and cooking supplies are totally underrated. Anything from a patterned gingham tea towels to countertop storage to a modern take on a spoon rest .. were all about it!  (source)

 The good news is that the pieces from the new Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection at Target will average under $30 AND a portion of proceeds will go towards supporting the local community.  Love and LOVE! You'll know where to find us on November 5th!

 Let us know in the comments what you're hoping to see in the new collection