How to Hygge in the Summertime

   One of our favorite posts ever on La Petite Farmhouse is our foray into the Scandinavian concept of hygge. We've read books about it, watched shows about it, and have truly tried to embrace slow living in our fast-paced lives. We wanted to share a few ways that we're enjoying the spirit of hygge and cozying up to the summer season. 

   This time of year can be so brief but beautiful in the Midwest, that we feel like we're doing more than ever to enjoy it.

how to hygge in the summertime | la petite farmhouse

How to Hygge in the Summertime

Summer Scented Candles

Scent can evoke so many happy memories. It's only fitting that during the warm weather months, you burn a candle with a light & airy summer fragrance. Our friends at Brooklyn Candle Studio sent us this wild peony scented candle and it smells like my favorite bloom and the branding is full of rustic modern beauty.

Iced Coffee & Fika

  While cold weather months call for hot cups of coffee, nothing beats an iced coffee or cold brew at a coffee shop paired with a sweet pastry. This has become one of our favorite weekend dates!

Read a Book Outside over Lunch

The key here is to actually take a lunch. Lately I've been ditching the business non-fiction reads in favor of something with a little bit more imagination and creativity. It's been just the spark I've needed.

Preserve Produce for Another Season

This time of year, produce is so bountiful that it can be hard to keep up with it all. Try preserving your cucumbers (we're fans of a quick refrigerator pickle, but consider canning for long-term storage). You can also dry herbs and make simple syrups. I love the idea of savoring things for another season. 

Last week we took a walk out to our wedding ceremony spot! Love seeing it in every season.

Last week we took a walk out to our wedding ceremony spot! Love seeing it in every season.

Fresh Flowers in Your Home

Bring nature indoors with fresh blooms in your kitchen or living room.  The farmer's market is one of my favorite places to find local flowers, but Trader Joe's also is perfect in a pinch.  I've also been known to snip some extra greenery from hostas in our front yard. 

Take a Hike

Feeling the sunshine on your skin is a beautiful thing. Hygge is all about creating simple moments for yourself and decluttering your mind AND your home. I'm not sure there's anything that does that better for us than a walk in the woods.  Whether you live by beautiful parks or just get out to take a walk within your neighborhood.. do this for yourself!


What are your favorite ideas to embrace hygge in the summer months?