Affordable Faux Plant Resources & Our Plant Stand Workshop

   I am a self-professed plant lady... but I have a secret to share. They're not all real! Living in Wisconsin can make sustaining pants indoors very challenging, especially if you don't have windows in your living room that bring in tons of natural light. When we were decorating the basement in our current space, this was an even bigger problem!

   Kyle and I both love the organic look that plants can bring a space, so the answer to our design challenge has been faux plants! This can be easier said than done though. If you search for them online they can often be $50-$100 even for a modest size plant. That's why we've collected our favorite resources to do incorporate this look on a budget!

   Check out the second half of our post for a DIY workshop we're teaching at Revel on 9/24 where you can make your own plant stand to put one of these pretty plants in.

where to find pretty faux plants | la petite farmhouse

Get the Look (L-R):

1.  Leafy Palm with Stand | 2. Mini Cactus Planter | 3. Mini Succulent Pair | 4. Decorative Plant in Metal Stand | 5. Mini Leafy Plant in Basket | 6. Geometric Grass Planter | 7. Mid-Century Mini Planter | 8. Faux Agave in Wood Planter | 9. Olive Tree | 10.

We've found that though sometimes you can get really inexpensive faux plants or succulents at some stores, sometimes you get what you pay for. Something that looks very plastic or fake will definitely take away from that jungalow vibe you're probably going for. Our top places to look are at Target (which often has incredible sales) & discount stores like Marshalls, TJ Maxx & Homegoods.

     For all of our Madison local readers, we're SO thrilled to be teaching a class at Revel. Kyle's going to be teaching everyone how to build a DIY mid-century inspired plant stand (which comes with a modern black pot) that they can customize with a stain, pop color, or dip-dye. Revel, a craft bar with classes in downtown Madison, is one of my favorite spots in the entire city.

Photo by  Revel Madison

Photo by Revel Madison

   What's so special about this class is that not only is it the perfect excuse to grab a cocktail at the Revel bar and spend an afternoon crafting with girlfriends (or date with your significant other!) - but at $50 for the class - it's even less expensive than many similar styles! So, come say hello, DIY with us, and let's create something beautiful for our homes! 

Photo by  Revel Madison  team

Photo by Revel Madison team

Hurry up & snag your spot for our DIY Wooden Plant Stand Workshop class (9/24 at 2 PM) - half the spots are already filled! We'd love to see you there.