Home Tour: Cozy Rustic Modern Basement

   True story, growing up in Florida it was my dream to have a basement. Since none of the houses around me ever had them, I thought the concept of having "extra space" was such a cool feature! A few months ago, we shared the progress on the basement project in our current space. It's been a true labor of love by Kyle and his supportive (and extremely handy!) family. 

   Now that it's completed, we've done some decorating to make it feel like a cozy, rustic modern finished basement space. Basements present a lot of challenges to consider when designing - a lack of natural lighting and unique (often small!) floor plans. Looking back on when this project was a completely blank slate with nothing but cement floors, it's so inspiring to see how far things have come!

   We're going to share a few snapshots of the finished basement design as well as some helpful design tips that we've picked up for making a minimalist basement space feel like a cozy (or better yet.. hygge!) entertaining space.

reclaimed wood rustic modern bookcase | la petite farmhouse

seagrass basket | letterboard | blanket | norwegian wood book | p.f. candle | gold sea urchin | blue agate wall art | how to hygge book | faux plant

  This built in-bookshelf area utilizes the same reclaimed wood as our wedding tables. It's stocked with books, a wire basket full of blankets, seagrass storage baskets to organize (and hide!) crafting supplies, and our new favorite letterboard.  We discovered that our local library hosts monthly book sales and we scored a ton of nature and Wisconsin themed books for our bookcase. We also store all of our records on the bottom of the built-in (which has been a fun new way to spend evenings).

rustic modern record player | la petite farmhouse

   This Audio Technica record player was Kyle's wedding day gift to me (along with our wedding exit song on record.. so sweet)! We've been having fun collecting records from antique stores and our dads have loaned us a pretty epic stash of their favorite vinyl. We have our record player sitting on a stack of trunks  with a sheepskin rug laid over them. The trunks are perfect for storing away extra entertaining pieces that don't get used as often. We also are loving this peony candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio for cozy vibes.

rustic modern basement living room | la petite farmhouse

Get the Look:
Green Leather Couch  | Beige/Grey Bohemian Area Rug Diffuser | Electric Fireplace Wood Look Tile

 On to the "living room" space! This green leather couch is a (very nice!) hand-me-down from my parents. Though I used to think the color was a challenge, I love the way it looks against the laminate wood floors (we used Natural Acacia). I also wanted to highlight the lack of natural light, means we just have tons of pretty faux plants to bring a natural feeling to the space. On our side table, we use a diffuser for essential oils.

cozy farmhouse modern living room | la petite farmhouse

   Additional storage baskets maximize space underneath the coffee table. This electric fireplace the guys installed (paired with a gray wood look ceramic tile) in the corner can either blow heat or just provide a cozy ambiance.

cozy farmhouse modern style basement design | la petite farmhouse

Get the Look:
Green Leather Couch  | Beige/Grey Bohemian Area Rug | Gold Cantilever Lamp | Seagrass Storage Baskets | Throw Pillows

   Some of our favorite elements of the "living room" section of the basement are this grey & white trendy take on a traditional oriental rug &  this gold lamp that adds a little bit of mid-century modern flair. The rug actually came in much lighter than we thought it would be, but we just scotch guarded it to prevent from stains and are hoping for the best!

shiplap & live edge bar top | la petite farmhouse

  The galley style kitchenette area has a bar on one side & sink with reclaimed wood shelves on the other side. Kyle and his family reclaimed this large piece of wood to create a raw edge bar top and sealed with a marine grade lacquer. While one side of the bar has a rustic cedar shiplap the other has additional counter space for prepping cocktails or appetizers.c

modern rustic subway tile basement kitchenette | la petite farmhouse

    Get the Look:
Gray & White Geometric Throw Rug | Cocktail Glasses | Moscow Mule Mugs | Cocktail Mixing Glass

   The small white subway tile that goes from counter to ceiling is a beautiful, modern minimalist look and pair well with the white cabinets (part of Menard's customized Klearvue cabinetry collection). Check out this post for more details on styling the basement bar shelving. The smaller TV in this area is perfect if you want to sit at the bar, have a drink, and catch a game!

modern rustic basement entryway organization | la petite farmhouse

    Get the Look:
Leaning Bookcake (similar) | Black Distressed Area Rug | Rifle Paper Co Weekly Notepad

   Last but not least, this entryway nook, that's the perfect size for stashing keys and leaving shoes on a dark colored rug when you're hanging out in the cozy basement space. Also, because I'm a huge dork, I've started putting up a weekly agenda on a bulletin board to help us keep both of our crazy schedules organized. i love the look of the gray stairs with stained wood. 


   This basement area represents many hours of work and thoughtful decisions since Kyle and his family built and designed almost every single element. It's been amazing to see everything come together and become a place to host/entertain. The color scheme of neutral gray and forest green, with natural wood elements and cozy Scandinavian sheepskin rugs makes it feel ultra cozy.

   Helping to design this space is giving us a ton of ideas for our future modern farmhouse! We can't get enough of the rustic modern boho style with a bit of farmhouse thrown in for good measure.