Friday Favorites: Vol. 2

  Who else is feeling extra thankful that this was a short work week? This one seemed to be extra chaotic and we're so happy it's already Friday! This week was made better by getting our first draft of plan revisions and that is definitely something worth toasting to. Let us know what you're digging this week in the comments!

friday favorites


  • Shopping For:  A new coffee maker! Ours bit the dust. We love using pour over but sometimes it's convenient in early mornings to do something easier. If you have any recs, let us know! 
  • Cooking Up:  All-the-things with Trader Joes' new Onion Salt. This mix of dried onion, garlic, leeks, and chives is great for adding flavor to eggs, burger patties, and even making a DIY chip dip.
  • Excited About:  Our house plans! We just got our preliminary draft back from the design team and they are nearly perfect. Definitely starting to feel more real. Side note- we've received a lot of emails about that process and will definitely be writing a post about it once we're done with that part!
friday favorites: trader joe's onion salt | la petite farmhouse


  • Reading: "Cultivate" by Lara Casey. Lara's book is a game changer, friends. I love all of the mindful content she creates and her new book is focused on cultivating what matters through the changing seasons of life.
  • Insta-Stalking: @TheHomeEdit -- Oh my goodness you guys. Not only does their beautiful organizational posts make me want to go spend a whole paycheck at The Container Store; they have the most hilarious Insta Stories behind the scenes of their business.
  • Loving:  Our summer Graced Box! We snapped a photo of its contents for our recap of the trip to the Northwoods. These subscription boxes, curated by Manitowoc's Graced Home, are seriously the cutest. Everything in them is useful, beautiful, and stylish. They also have cute birthday and coffee themed boxes. Love supporting this local business!