Northwoods Weekend Travel Guide

   Even though Kyle grew up in Wisconsin, it's always held a very special place in my heart too. We spent almost every 4th of July up at my grandparents' cabin outside of Eagle River, Wisconsin since I was a kid. My happiest memories are spent around the Northwoods with family by the lake. Now that my grandparents are both gone, this place has taken on an entirely new meaning. Instead of just nostalgia, it also brings back happy memories spent with them. I'm excited to continue this tradition for generations to come.

   I'll never forget the first time Kyle came with me to the lake house we affectionately call, "the Looney Bin". He was a great sport as our family put on a summer "Olympics" with patriotic events and teams. He also endured a night of karaoke at the local bar and a viewing (on VHS) of The Great Outdoors. He left understanding why this place is so near and dear to me.

a weekend in the wisconsin northwoods | la petite farmhouse

   We thought we'd round up some ideas for an epic summer weekend in the Northwoods and share some of our photos from our 4th of July trip "up north"!  Be sure to check out the perfect summer subscription box package from Graced - filled with a summery art print, mosquito repel candle, sun screen stick, artisan marshmallows, and cute wire crate!

lake life northwoods weekend in eagle river | la petite farmhouse
northwoods lake life weekend | la petite farmhouse
lake life northwoods wisconsin weekend | la petite farmhouse
lake life northwoods weekend  by the campfire | la petite farmhouse
weekend at the lake | la petite farmhouse
antiquing in the northwoods | la petite farmhouse
sunset on the lake | la petite farmhouse
lake shed in the northwoods | la petite farmhouse
three lakes winery | things to do in the wisconsin northwoods | la petite farmhouse

20 Ways to Spend Summer in the Northwoods

1. Take a spin on a pontoon boat - the Northwoods is known for its scenic lakes

2.  Stuff your face at a Friday Night Fish Fry (bonus points if it's at a supper club!)

3.  Shop the small town antique stores for hidden gems

4. Take a hike at a nearby state park for a bit of fresh air

5. Visit a local winery (we love Three Lakes Winery's cranberry wine)

6. If you're visiting on the 4th of July don't miss the "up north" parades complete with pies, beer trucks, and homemade floats.

7.  Spend a rainy/cold weekend playing board games (our fave is "Tip the Cow" or scrabble)

8. Eat a Racine kringle with coffee for breakfast

9.  Have a campfire & roast s'mores

10. Order an old fashioned (sweet, with brandy, for true Wisco style)

11.  Go to a local festival or flea market 

12.  Go on a canoe ride to see the lake from a different perspective

13. Fall asleep in a hammock 

14. Go to a "bin candy" or fudge shop for a sweet treat

15.  Go fishing right off the dock

16.  Spend an afternoon bird watching 

17.  Watch a waterski show (this never disappoints!)

18.  Make a lunchtime smorgasboard of cheese curds, summer sausage. 

19.  Play king of the raft and swim all day long 

20. Savor every moment of your summertime fun by the lake!


   We love following Northerly Collective and Lake Effect Co  to get our Northwoods wanderlust fix until our next trip. A special thanks to the Graced Girls for our box of summer goodies. It came in perfectly handy while sipping summer shandies on the patio and roasting marshmallows around the campfire!