Farm to Glass Cocktail Series: Spicy Jalapeno Margarita

    I remember the first time I stumbled upon Lauren's Instagram for The Leek and the Carrot. I was overjoyed to find a fellow Sconnie who not only had a fellow love of country living but also had a husband named Kyle!  Lauren & Kyle Rudersdorf are a husband and wife farm team who run Raleigh's Hillside Farm, an organic farm and CSA. Let me just tell you, Lauren is one inspiring lady. In addition to running a farm, she documents her growing farm business and develops delectable recipes on her blog and writes for publications like Edible Madison!

   After forming a friendship online, we finally met for the first time last year during a cooking class she taught for the annual Soil Sisters workshop weekend. We have a lot in common and try to meet for coffee when we can between crazy schedules. Both foodies (obviously!), we thought it would be so fun to partner for a farm to glass cocktail series, whipping up declicious drinks made using ingredients from local farms and Wisconsin makers!

    We're kicking off this series by each sharing a farm fresh cocktail that we whipped up on a rainy Friday Midwest evening (with help from both Kyles!). We, of course, taste tested them all too! Be sure to visit Lauren's blog for a recipe for Berry Rhubarb Lemonade.

farm to glass cocktail series: spicy jalapeno margarita | la petite farmhouse


Spicy Jalapeno Margarita Recipe



1. Add lime juice, tequila, limeade, and syrup, and a handful of ice to a cocktail shaker.

2. Shake well and strain into a cocktail glass.

3. Add jalapeno slices as garnish before serving

** We picked up our jalapeno limeade at Trader Joe's, but if you can't find anything similar, use regular limeade, and muddle 2-3 jalapenos at bottom of cocktail shaker. 

farm to glass cocktail series: spicy margarita | la petite farmhouse

     This jalapeno margarita is perfect parts spicy and sweet with tart citrus notes. The jalapenos were picked that afternoon at Lauren's farm and gave a traditional margarita a fun twist. We also used an artisan Honey Lemon syrup from local small-batch preserves company, Quince and Apple. The syrup, used in place of a triple sec and simple syrup gave the cocktail a fresh and flavorful taste. No margarita mixes allowed in our house when a craft cocktail is this simple to make!

   Lauren's farm cocktails class with the Barmadillo for this weekend's annual Soil Sister event is already sold out, but there are still a ton of amazing Soil Sisters events happening August 4-6;  from grilled pizza to DIY body care products to educational classes about starting a food business for our fellow Madison-area friends to check out!

farm to glass cocktail: berry rhubarb lemonade recipe | by the leek & the carrot

   Ready to whip up another farm to glass cocktail? Check out Lauren's blog, The Leek and the Carrot for the recipe to a perfect summer cocktail, a bright and citrusy Berry Rhubarb Lemonade!  A big thanks to Quince & Apple for sending us some of their syrups to use for our craft cocktail series. We love supporting fellow Midwest business owners too! Cheers, y'all!