Modern Home Decor from the Nordstrom Sale

   One of the stores I miss most while living in Madison is Nordstrom (thankfully we had a store open recently in Milwaukee). Growing up, my aunt, gramma, sister and I had a tradition where we'd head to Tampa, eat lunch together in the Nordstrom cafe and do some (mostly) window shopping. While I definitely have become more frugal as an adult (I tend to agonize about making purchases while we're saving for a house), I do love a good deal.

   Nordstrom's sales are pretty epic because their new merchandise is temporarily marked down right when the new inventory hits (rather than an end of season clearance). I, ofcourse, have my eyes on the home pieces since we're doing some redecorating in our current space. Our current rule whenever we buy something is: "Will this work in our forever home?".

  The sale site is not the easiest to navigate, so I went ahead and created this fun little graphic with our wish list of their modern farmhouse boho style decor finds - all under $50! So, happy shopping my friends!

Nordstrom Sale Home Finds

   How cute are all of these pieces? I've been loving little rugs as a way to add pattern and interest to a room and I'm digging these nature inspired art prints. The latte bowls are so darling and pair perfectly with modern farmhouse cabinetry. Plus, the gold wine glasses.. need I say more!? These picks all got Kyle's seal of approval too. Having a similar design aesthetic definitely has been coming in handy these days.

     If you're looking to give your space a little update, these pieces are so affordable that you won't even have to splurge. Plus, free shipping and returns, so if you live nowhere near Nordstrom, like us, you can still snag these finds. The kicker is that the prices go back to normal on August 7th, so they're only available at these discounts for a limited time!