8 Ways to Slow Down During a Busy Season of Life

   Does it seem like every time someone asks how you're doing that you reply "oh good, just busy"! We constantly finding ourselves saying that, and often times it's true, but that doesn't mean it's okay.  I've read so many informative articles about stopping the "glorification of busy". Being busy is not a badge of honor.  What is the point of working so hard and having a jam packed schedule if you don't have time to actually enjoy the life you're trying to build?

   So, in the spirit of pressing pause, giving ourselves a bit of grace, and stopping to smell the roses.. we're going to share a few of our favorite ways to slow down during a busy season of life. Finding contentment with an unfinished to-do list has a freeing affect. These are things we've actually been practicing and have been a huge help in gaining a bit more balance in our lives.

8 Ways to Slow Down During a Busy Season of Life | La Petite Farmhouse

8 Ways to Slow Down During a Busy Season of Life

1. Unplug at Night - Kyle and I just ditched the TV in our bedroom and it's already having a big impact on us. Instead of falling asleep to the glow of Netflix, we've been reading and letting our brains rest.

2. Don't Feel Pressure to Complete Your To-Do List:  Are you one of those people that will go back to your planner and add things after the fact just so you can have the rewarding feeling of crossing them out (guilty!)? Let go of feeling like you need to accomplish everything on your list and instead prioritize the 2-3 most important things!

3. Practice Meditation: You wouldn't think remembering to breathe would be an issue but when things get stressful, nothing feels better. I am a big fan of the Mindfulness and Headspace apps that help guide you through the steps and make this practice less daunting.

4. Make Dates a Priority: Whether you have a lot on your plate at work, have a new kiddo at home, or are on a budget- it's easy to let date nights fall to the wayside. Try to make them a priority. The only rule? No talking about stressful topics!

5. Treat Yourself: We've talked about self-care a lot on the blog and it's different for every person. Making yourself a priority, even for just a moment helps you press pause and reassess. For me self-care looks like a face mask and some lavender essential oil diffusing!

6. Have Real-Life Conversations with Friends: Social media makes it super easy to keep up with friends digitally, but nothing beats a good old fashioned brunch date to actually catch up on each other's lives. If you have time to scroll through Instagram for an hour, you have time to grab a cup of coffee! Side note, if you're long distance from a lot of your friends like I am .. plan skype dates!

7. Take a Hike: As John Muir said, "in every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks". This is one of the reasons we're so thankful that our farmhouse is going to be surrounded by nature and trees. Taking a walk to soak up fresh air and beautiful scenery - and not snapping Instagram photos the entire time (guilty again!)- is good for the soul.

8. Disconnect from Your Phone: It would probably be scary to count up the amount of mindless minutes that I spend scrolling through my phone on social media every day.  Laying in bed before I go to sleep is one of the times I tend to do this most. So, I'm making an effort to keep my phone charging out of reach. Extra points if you put it on "do not disturb" mode while you slumber!

 We're both going to make a more conscious effort to focus on all of the great things we are working on rather than fixating on how "busy" we are all the time. What do you do to slow down when things get chaotic?