That Time We Thought Our Doors Were the Wrong Size

   I just wanted to share a funny story (& keep it real) about how this house planning process has been going. We are guilty of showing all the fun and pretty parts of the process, but want to make sure the struggles and difficult moments & decisions as well to make sure you can get the full picture.

  One of the first things we've learned is to plan for everything to take longer than anticipated. As they say, Rome wasn't built in a day .. and our farmhouse won't be either! As much as we'd love to make this process speedy, spending time to plan for and look at every small detail is going to be so worth it. Trying to be mindful and take into account the things we'll need in a home we plan to live in forever can definitely present some challenges.

  I will start by saying that if you are working with builder plans or on the other end of the spectrum, having custom house plans designed - you'll likely avoid having to deal with a lot of the minute details. For us, we're working with architecture plans we purchased online and working with their awesome design team to make them ideal for us. 

not our front door, but a gorgeous one from Parade of Homes!

not our front door, but a gorgeous one from Parade of Homes!

   A lot of our nights these days look like this: pour a glass of red wine, stare at house plans, watch fixer upper, and repeat. Surprise, surprise- the more you stare at something, the more you start to over-analyze everything:

Actual conversation of two newbies planning a house together:

Kyle: "Is our house too big.. I feel like our house is too big?!"

Lauren:  "I mean, for this stage in our life it's more than what we need, but for forever, it's just perfect".

Kyle: "Wait, I just realized we've never looked at the door sizes *furiously checks measurements*. How did we miss this Lauren, all of our door sizes are below average, how are we going to fit furniture through? 

Lauren: "OMG. We need to change all of these. How did we miss this?!"

.... annnnnd scene

  We proceeded to spend the rest of the night trying to estimate the door widths we'd want for each space. Getting super frustrated and worried that we were in over our heads, we sent off the list of changes to the sweet designer who is making updates for us. The next morning we got an email from her saying she was happy to make the changes, but had a feeling we were reading the numbers wrong.

"If you see "3068 in the plans, that's 3 feet by 6 foot 8 inches", not 30 inches by 68 inches," she kindly replied. 

   You guys, I'm pretty sure that Kyle and I had never felt more stupid. The funny thing is that we actually knew how to read the numbers and in our overtired-ness just completely forgot and went on a worried tangent. The moral of the story is, don't over think it, trust your designers and builders for guidance, and give yourself a little grace.  

   We just received our preliminary draft of our final plans with all of our updates and can see everything coming together! Just remember friends, things are not always as pretty or seamless as they appear on social media! In fact, all you can do is laugh at yourself sometimes!