Interior Inspiration: Patterned Tile

   One of my favorite interior design trends right now is patterned tile. I literally can't help but take a photo of them whenever I see them! While the pattern can be overwhelming for a large room, I love the idea of using them in a small area for big impact. Right now, I'm thinking about using them in our guest bathroom, back side of our kitchen island, or underneath our wood burning stove.

   There are a huge variety of pattern tiles. Some are handpainted, some are mass produced and  some are clay, some are ceramic. This affects the pricing as well, so, it's just something to keep in mind as you're looking! There's also a large range of styles - from geometric to Moroccan, and southwestern to Tuscan.  We're into the smaller scale black and white patterns right now. 

try this design trend: patterned floor tiles | la petite farmhouse

   Pattern tile is tough to find in mass retail home improvement stores like Home Depot right now, but, I found all of my picks online at Wayfair. I also chose the budget-friendly picks too for fellow home DIY-ers looking for affordable options.  There are also some amazing independent retailers selling them and coming up with gorgeous on-trend designs. I'll share a few favorites later in this post!

interior design trend: patterned tile | la petite farmhouse

Get the look: Patterned Tile

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  I've been saving LOTS of patterned tile inspiration over on our Pinterest page. As we've started to think about our new build's interior, I've also been researching a lot of great independent tile companies. A lot of them are out of our personal budget, but even the pricer tiles would be workable for a small space! 

Patterned Tile Resources:

   Which tile pattern do you love most - and would you incorporate this into your home?