Podcasts We Love

   Are you a podcast listener? The two of us love them! Whether we're working out, taking a long road trip, or at the office- it's one of our favorite ways to multitask. I'm not sure why, but somehow you feel so much more productive while listening to a podcast.  We both love learning new things and always take something away whenever we listen to a new episode.

  It's become a regular habit to send each other episodes that we're loving and spread the word to friends or coworkers when we find a great one. We've rounded up a few of the podcast shows that we've been listening to lately, focused on everything from design to finance! 

   We'd love to hear what podcasts you're listening to right now. Leave us a comment with your recommendations!

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  • Young House Love has a Podcast: I’ve been reading Sherri & John’s blog forever, so naturally, I love their podcast. They talk about different home design challenges and their goofiness reminds me so much of our marriage. - Lauren
  • The Modern Maker Podcast- I'm always dreaming about what I can make next. The Modern Maker Podcast is created by three super talented designers and talks about everything from wood to concrete to leather. It's super conversational and fun to follow along with their weekly projects.  - Kyle
  • 99% Invisible - This podcast tells the stories of design that may otherwise go unnoticed but helps to shape our world. A must listen for anyone who geeks out over this type of thing. - Lauren


  • How I Built This: My Monday routine goes like this: Coffee, Breakfast, How I Built This. It’s more of a storytelling take rather than interview format. It shares the journey of influential entrepreneurs and their often humble beginnings. - Lauren
  • Goal Digger Podcast: Most creative entrepreneurs have heard of the darling Jenna Kutcher and her podcast doesn’t disappoint. I love the variety of people she interviews and wide range of topics. - Lauren


  • Dave Ramsey ShowLauren and I have been super nerdy about planning for a house, especially when it comes to finance. Dave tells it like it is and doesn't beat around the bush. He's inspired us to be very mindful about our finances and take charge of our financial future. -  Kyle


  • The Shauna Niequist Podcast: Author, Shauna, shares her wisdom and inspiration through interviews with leaders in topics like life, love, and relationships. - Lauren
  • The Minimalists: We've shifted to a less materialistic and more experience driven lifestyle. Listening to their show helps put into perspective what should matter in life. It also gives a lot of tangible advice for living with less. - Kyle
  • The Lively Show: I've followed Jess' show forever, and it's been fun to follow along on her journey from entrepreneur to world traveler. Her podcast content is deep and soul searching and always leaves me thinking! - Lauren
  • The Art of Simple: I just discovered this hygge and simplicity focused podcast after hearing an interview with Tsh Oxenrider on Shauna's podcast. She recently spent a year of traveling with her family and has amazing stories of adventures, mindfulness, and good books. - Lauren


  • Downtown Madison Life: My friend Nick just launched Downtown Madison Life, which is so exciting for our fellow Madison, Wisconsin locals. It will be highlighting fun things to do in the area, local movers and shakers, and all of the adventures to be had in our city! 

Let us know what podcasts you're listening to in the comments below!