Camp Vibes

   This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer and we are ready for all of the adventure that this season in the Midwest brings. For us that means camping trips, floating on the lake, sitting around a bonfire toasting s'mores, a bottomless cooler of Leinenkeugel Summer Shandy, and soaking up every ounce of warm weather. 

   We're participating in Jenna's Instagram challenge this week and one of question prompts talked about sharing a photo of something that was an integral part of our "brand". For us, spending time in the great outdoors together and unplugging couldn't be more Lauren & Kyle!

We just booked our next camping trip with friends and thought it would be perfect to share some snapshots from last summer's 4th of July weekend at Governor Dodge St. Park. It was pretty much a perfect summer weekend. We're dreaming of exactly this! At the bottom of the post, we're also sharing a few of our top picks for camping trips.

campfire vibes at governor dodge state park
campfire coffee
camping vibes | summer in wisconsin
cast iron bacon on the campfire
cozy summer campfire and pudgy pies

    Camping is not just about the tent or having the perfect spot on a site. It's about the memories made with friends laughing over a campfire, cooking with cast iron, afternoon canoe rides on the lake, and never once stopping to check your email. This is exactly what makes us love a good camping weekend.  I gave Kyle this mug for his birthday last year, and it perfectly fit our attitude of choosing more adventures for ourselves!

   We've rounded up a few of of our favorite picks for your next trip (or at least soaking up the good camp vibes). 

Camp Vibes  | Midwest Adventures


1. Happy Camper Tee | 2. Cast Iron Skillet | 3. Explore Notes | 4. Stanley Insulated Thermos | 5. Pendleton Camp Throw | 6. Folding Camp Chair | 7.  Pudgy Pie Maker | 8. Topo Backpack

   Last year we camped with lots of friends & shared a campsite with Laura & her husband Michael. They camp all of the time and gave us lots of great tips for our next adventure. They introduced us to the magic of a pudgy pie maker which lets you toast up bread with lots of amazing fillings over the campfire (seriously, check Pinterest for tons of recipe inspo)!  We also used this grill over the fire to put our cast iron on and cook meals- it worked perfectly! Laura & Michael also introduced us to the Kan Jam game, which is a ton of fun.

  We hope whatever adventures you take this Summer, you get a chance to unplug and enjoy the great outdoors!