Simplifying Social Media

   For those of you who are newer to La Petite Farmhouse. I thought I'd share a little bit of my background. I (Lauren) started blogging back in 2007 on La Petite Fashionista. What started out as a creative outlet turned into a side gig and led me to a love of marketing and social media. Back in the day, everyone's blogs were self-coded from googling online tutorials, most of us had crappy point and shoot cameras, and it was a rare occurrence to find another blogger in your area.

   The entire concept of working with influencers started unfolding and opened up an unepected world of wonderful opportunities for me to work with brands and consult with businesses and creative entrepreneurs on how to maximize their presence on social media. I started getting tons of questions about how to get started blogging and create a brand online. A few years ago I took the leap to jump into social media & branding consulting and freelance work full time. It's been so rewarding to see people grow and flourish in their businesses after helping them to tell their unique story and define their identity.

   Over the past few years, I've worked to define my own view of social media. For me, the best part of social media is the community and relationships, the creativity, and authenticity. I realized there is so much more than just the number of followers or likes something gets. There's no use in comparing yourself to everyone else, because you cannot be everything to anyone. You have to be yourself. The value in social media is finding the people who resonate with you, the connections you form, and the personal brand you can create.

simplifying social media | la petite farmhouse

   Last year after 10 years of blogging on La Petite Fashionista, I just stopped. I stopped sharing on the Instagram handle I'd grown to nearly 10,000 followers. It just didn't feel aligned with where I wanted to take things and all of the hopes and dreams I had for La Petite Farmhouse! It was difficult, but I've never regretted this opportunity to start fresh! 

    I also decided to rebrand my social media business to Moon Ridge Media. You see, Moon Ridge is Kyle's family farm, and it changed my entire perspective on life, business, and building my brand.It symbolizes the importance of work/life balance, relishing in the little things, and mindfulness. Whether we're picking veggies from the garden, sitting around a campfire, or working on a DIY project- life is simple but beautiful out in the country. When I started applying the same approach to business and my personal life, everything changed. 

   For anyone else trying to build their dreams or launch a small business. I wanted to offer up a few of the tips that I've learned over the years that I hope will help you in your journey!

simplified social media tips for more mindful small business marketing | la petite farmhouse

Tips for Mindful Marketing

1. Identify Your Ideal Audience: Figuring out your "niche" or whoever you're trying to reach with your content will help inform how you talk to them and what you create! Create a private Pinterest board to dream up what this ideal audience is interested in.

2 . Schedule Time to Be on Social Media: I'm a big proponent of being mindful with your time. For me this means designating a certain time each day to be on social media so I don't find myself mindlessly scrolling. I like to work on engaging with posts while I'm drinking my coffee in the morning!

3. Community Over Competition: I'm a member of an amazing nationwide group called the Rising Tide Society. Their mantra is community over competition. For me this means learning and collaborating from others in your industry and realizing that there is room for everyone to shine and find their "tribe"!

4.  Practice Your Photography: You definitely don't need to be a pro-photographer to have a successful social media presence. In fact, you're perfectly capable of taking gorgeous photos using just your smart phone! A few of my go-to resources are shooting food photos on a wood or marble slab cutting board, using a white posterboard or furry rug for clean flat-lays, and shooting with natural light for optimum clarity. My go-to photo editing apps on my phone are A Color Story & Afterlight! Try using the same filters to give your photos a consistent look.

5. Pay Attention to Your Analytics: Don't mind me while I geek out for a moment! One of the biggest opportunities for creating content that resonates on social media is by looking at your stats. Identify what types of content yield the largest engagement rates and click-thrus. What are the common threads? Looking at these metrics can help you cut through the noise and focus more on what matters to your audience.

   Speaking of analytics..  I'm going to be hosting a free workshop about understanding your social media metrics at Dream Bank in Madison on 5/23! I'd love to see any of our local readers who are working on small businesses! If you've never been to Dream Bank, it's an amazing resources for fellow go-getters and entrepreneurs!

>> Click here for more details on my 5/23 free social media workshop.

 If you're working on defining and growing your social media presence in a meaningful way don't hesitate to reach out or check out the Moon Ridge Media site. I'd love to work with you!