Rustic Modern Basement Renovation

   Let me start by saying thank you. Kyle and I are so incredibly grateful for all of the support and kind words about our unexpected change in plans (read yesterday's post if you're not sure what I'm talking about!). We are so excited to start our journey of building our farmhouse out in the country on the property where he was born and raised.

    In the meantime, I wanted to share a fun project Kyle & his family have been working on for a while; our basement in our current home.  The space is a work in progress, but they've been working on some beautiful design details using reclaimed materials, barn door sliders, and ceramic wood look tiles. It's been a fun testing ground for ideas that we may want to implement in our future farmhouse. Plus, Kyle loves any excuse to break out the power tools and build something.

    They're working with unique challenges like low ceilings and limited free time to work- but it's a labor of love. When it's done it will be a space for entertaining, movie watching, and game nights that the entire family can utilize. 

rustic modern basement renovation project | la petite farmhouse

   One of the first elements of the living room / common area they worked on was this corner fireplace. Eventually, the TV will go in this corner as well. They used ceramic wood look tile as a highlight and framed out a modern electric fireplace that gives off cozy hygge vibes!  They also installed handscraped laminate flooring that has a lot of variation and really warmed up the space. 

basement renovation project
duluth trading co. | basement renovation

   Kyle is rarely seen without his trusty Duluth Trading Co. Fire Hose Bib Apron when he's working in the basement. It's so convenient to have any tool he may need at an arm's length. Their team sent it over for him to try out and it's a must-have for anyone who always seems to find themselves working on projects!

rustic modern basement renovation
electric fireplace & wood look tile | rustic modern basement

    Since nearly every single element of the basement project has been DIY'd, it's been fun seeing bits of progress happening each weekend. Lately, the projects have been more design focused. While there's still a lot more to be done and it's not ready for a grand unveiling.. take a look at a few of these interior design do-it-yourself projects that I'm obsessing over.  How handy are those guys?!

basement lighting with rustic cedar wall

  This cedar accent wall is what you see as you head downstairs to the basement. I think it'd be really cool with a vinyl graphic underneath the barn light.  This is the exact pendant light that we bought (only $40!) and it comes in a ton of bold colors.

reclaimed wood bookshelf built in | rustic modern basement renovation

   This built-in bookshelf is actually made with the same reclaimed lumber as our wedding tables. I couldn't resist styling it with some of our favorite design coffee table books & PF Candles to get a peek at what this space may look like when it's complete.

shiplap wall & DIY sliding barn door | rustic modern basement renovation

  Now, for my favorite! Kyle and his family built this beautiful shiplap wall in the office. They utilized pre-primed shiplap materials from Home Depot (which saved a ton of time and wasn't a massive upcharge) and painted it with a grey tone for a neutral look.

  Then, they used cedar tongue & groove boards to build the barn door sliders. Kyle found the barn door slider hardware on Amazon and it has a great, industrial feel to it. The bypass barn doors make it easy to access storage and make for a rustic modern statement. They saved a ton of money by building it themselves. We've seen the pre-built setup retail for $700+! 

   I can't wait until this space is complete, but couldn't resist giving a peek at all of the hard work they've been doing. It's giving us a ton of ideas for our future space. We JUST got the building plans in our inbox and are working on making some modifications to them as we speak!


What projects are your working on this weekend?