Bloom Where You are Planted: Embracing Change

   Let me start by saying, this a post we never anticipated we'd be writing.  It's been a heck of year so far. We wanted to share our story; about learning to go with the flow when things don't go as planned. It's about embracing change (and each other!) and trusting that things will work out in the end. Bear with us, this post is on the long side!

   You see, anyone who knows Kyle & I or has followed along with our blog knows that for nearly as long as we've been together, our plan has been to renovate his family farmhouse. We even started this blog as a place to document our journey.  

   A few months ago we started the process of having some builders come out to the farm to take a look at the project and give us an estimate of how much the undertaking of a renovation may cost.  We were excited, full of ideas, and a tiny bit naive. We talked them through our plans for the farmhouse and what the needs would be to turn it into our forever home.

   The first estimate we received was well over our budget.. we figured it may have just been that particular business. We lowered our expectations an scaled down our vision..  the next bid was for an even larger amount. Feeling overwhelmed, we met with a third builder who seemed excited with the prospect of renovating. We asked him for an estimate and cried a little bit on the inside when he told us to budget $500,000. 

   At this point, Kyle and I were feeling heartbroken. We knew that renovating a home is a giant undertaking, but thought that by working within the existing framework of the house that we'd be saving money. What we heard was the opposite. We would need new wiring, plumbing, siding, drywall, and roof to make the house last for another 100 years.  The builders explained to us that the labor involved for our situation, the complication of working within walls that weren't "square", and retrofitting spaces it actually would cost significantly more to renovate than build new. 

bloom where you are planted | embracing uncertainty an change

    His dad pulled him aside and had a serious heart to heart. He said that he knew how badly we wanted to renovate and that we had tried our best to make it work.. but it was a becoming a decision based on emotion rather than logic. Deep in our hearts we knew it was true, but it didn't make it easier to hear. Let me tell you friends, when you plan and dream about something for years, there's something so difficult about letting it go.

   After giving things some serious thought, we made the difficult decision to change our plans.  We decided to make a new dream for ourselves; to start from scratch and build a home of our own! While this isn't the future plan we anticipated, we're overjoyed with the opportunity to design a farmhouse for us to grow together in as a family. We plan on incorporating tons of reclaimed elements to hold true to the heritage, but giving our house the rustic modern touch that we love so much. 

   We've spent the last couple of months researching and looking at plans trying to find the perfect home (that can be an entire post in itself!).  Believe it or not, we officially bought our house plans last night.(!!!). Over a glass of prosecco we toasted to our new path and the adventure ahead! We are honored to be the next generation to make our mark out at the farm and thankful to have you along for the journey.

  Don't worry, La Petite Farmhouse isn't going anywhere- in fact this story of ours is just getting started! In fact, what this unexpected change has taught us is how important it is to be able to go with the flow. More than ever, it's reinforced that no matter what direction we take, the most important thing for us will always be creating a space that feels like home.