Planting a Spring Herb Garden

"No winters lasts forever, no spring skips its turn" - Hal Borland

   With the start of spring comes warmer weekends and nature starting to come back to life. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the grass start to sprout, flowers bud, and birds chirping in the yard. This Sunday's sunshine was the perfect opportunity to get our herb garden started.

    Container garden is the perfect way to get plants sprouting while it's too cold to keep them outdoors. One of the things we miss most in Winter is our fresh herb garden that we use for cooking. So, I figured it would be great to get our seeds started and keep them indoors by the window, until the weather decides it wants to be spring. One of my goals this year is to spend more time gardening. I love the idea of some unplugged time in the sunshine, caring and nurturing for little sprouts until they become flowers, herbs, and veggies.

spring seed starting in Duluth Trading Co

   Our friends at Duluth Trading Co. sent us some of their Spring gear to test out. Let me just note that his gardening get-up is a major upgrade from my usual yoga pants & college tee. The designs perfectly pair functionality with durable fabrics, and smart details.

   My favorite details? I love the no-gap waistbands & flexible stretch in the Slim Leg Jeans, especially for gardening. The Heritage Gardening Vest is designed with UPF 30 fabric that brushes away dirt & tons of pockets.  The No-Yank Scoop Tee stayed in place perfectly even while I spent an afternoon surrounded in potting soil. The packable Sun Hat compacts but doesn't lose its shape and will be perfect to keep my freckles at bay in the warm summer months. Finally, the Garden Guardian Gloves were super comfortable and I can't wait to wear them caring for our garden this summer. 

herb garden
gardening vest for holding tools from Duluth Trading Co
spring seed starting for an herb garden | La Petite Farmhouse
starting seeds for a spring herb garden | La Petite Farmhouse
spring seed starting | La Petite Farmhouse
gardening gear for planting a spring herb garden

herb garden essentials:

      Your local gardening or home store is the perfect spot to shop for seeds. Even Target has a small selection- that's where I picked up these darling copper plant markers! If you're looking for unique flowers try Floret Flower (we grew some for our wedding arrangements) or Seed Savers for heirloom varieties of vegetables and blooms. Classic terra cotta plants are very affordable and I love their rustic chic vibes. For something more special, Terrain is one of my favorite resources.

     My friend Lauren, owns Raleigh Hillside Farm with her husband and wrote the most beautiful piece about the change of seasons on a farm. The seasons are one of the things I love most about living in the Midwest. in our mission to simplify and slow down, there's something quite magical about the start of Spring. 

    I can hardly wait to see these start sprouting. I can almost taste the basil caprese appetizers, dill refrigerator pickles and mint lemonades! I promise to keep you guys updated on Instagram about our herb garden progress!

   How are you celebrating the start of Spring?