Budget-Friendly Wine of the Month: Zinfandel

  When Kyle & I were thinking about what type of content we wanted to create for La Petite Farmhouse, we wanted to make it as relatable as possible. For us that means finding great wine that fits our budget! Trader Joe's is our go-to stop for affordable (& delicious) wine. So we thought we'd have some fun by doing a series featuring a monthly wine variety & blind taste testing three bottles under $10 from T.J.'s.

   We are starting things off with a Zinfandel. We love this variety because it's a great "starter red". It's easy-drinking and pairs just as well with a cheeseburger & fries as a filet mignon. 

Uncorked! Reviewing Trader Joe's Best Budget Friendly Wines Under $10 -- Zinfandel | La Petite Farmhouse

   We set up our sampling to be a blind taste test. We picked up all of the bottles at Trader Joe's, sampled each without knowing which one was from which bottle- and jotted down our thoughts! The Old Moon Zinfandel was actually what we served at our wedding so we thought for sure we'd be able to pick it out of the bunch (but we couldn't!).  Here are our thoughts in case you're looking to pick up an affordable bottle for your next date night! We're not professional sommeliers but we love our wine!

Trader Joe's Best Wines Under $10

trader joes wine under $10: grower's reserve zinfandel

Wine #1: Trader Joe's Grower's Reserve Zinfandel (2015)

  • Price:  $5.99
  • First Impressions: Smells "expensive", not super fragrant
  • Color: Dark Burgundy
  • Taste: I wasn't sure after the first sip, but it grew on me (- Kyle). The flavor really lingered
  • Notes: Slightly spicy, with a jammy, berry flavor (like IKEA's lingonberries! - Lauren). 
  • Pair it With: Drink it on its own or as an after-dinner drink. 
  • Would we buy it? Yes! It was slightly sweeter than the other wines we tried. This was our least favorite of the bunch, but still very good.
Trader Joe's Wine Under $10- Old Moon Zinfandel

Wine #2: Old Moon Zinfandel (2014)

  •  Price: $5.99
  • First Impressions: Smells like cranberries & plums
  • Color: Garnet
  • Taste: Very smooth and easy drinking  red, very slight tarty aftertaste
  • Notes: Tangy cranberries, blackberries
  • Pair it With: Pizza, pasta with meatballs
  • Would we buy it? Yes! Our top pick- a delicious, easy-drinking red wine!
Trader Joe's Wine Under $10: Fife Creek Zinfandel

Wine #3: Fife's Creek Zinfandel (2013)

  • Price: $6.99
  • First Impressions: Smells like sangria, berry-filled and fruity fragrance
  • Color: Rusty Burgundy
  • Taste: Full flavored, but easy-drinking. Fruity but not acidic or peppery.
  • Notes: Raspberry, Plum
  • Pair it With: Steak (or a really good burger - Kyle)
  • Would we buy it? Yes! Our second pick, worth the extra dollar "splurge". 

   Are you a fellow Trader Joe's wine drinker? What are your favorite bottles? More importantly, what type of wine would you like us to review next?