Where to Take Creative Workshops & Classes

   An awesome discussion broke out in our Tuesday's Together Rising Tide Society group about creative workshops. For those of you who aren't familiar, Rising Tide Society is an international movement for creative entrepreneurs who value community over competition. Tuesday's Together is a monthly meet up, organized by Rising Tide Society members, for local business owners to network & learn from each other. Being a part of this group has been amazing. It's so wonderful to know that you're not alone as a business owner.

  I digress! We were all sharing how much we enjoy taking creative classes & workshops as a way to learn a new skill, take up a new hobby, or have a fun evening out with girlfriends. Collaboratively, we pulled together an amazing list of in-person workshops, seminars, and locations throughout our Madison area & beyond.  I thought it would make for a great blog post to reference!

   Don't worry, if you're not from Wisconsin, scroll to the bottom of this post for a round-up of amazing online resources to get your creative juices flowing!

The colorful & inspiring interior of the Craft Bar at Revel

The colorful & inspiring interior of the Craft Bar at Revel

Creative Workshops & Classes in the Madison, WI Area


Revel is my happy place! It's a beautiful & inspiring craft bar run by a fellow Rising Tider, Sarah. There are weekly special events like Galentine's Day & Jewelry Swap Night, workshops like Gold Leaf Painting or Flower Arranging, and a rotating list of simple DIY projects that you can do at any time. . I also hosted my bachelorette party here because I just wanted some DIY time & champagne with my favorite gals (did I mention they had a bar?)!


 One-OneThousand is a community for Madison Makers, artists, and hobbyists to hone their skills & learn how to build a business. It was also started by a fellow Rising Tide member, Sarah! They also host creative workshops on topics ranging from weaving jewelry, to natural dyeing, to floral watercolor.  I had the opportunity to attend a macarame workshop here with the renowned Emily Katz of Modern Macarame & have been hooked ever since! I want to sign Kyle up for the Swedish wood carving class-- right up his alley!


The ladies behind Mint & Lovely host frequent workshops around Wisconsin, often specializing in DIY skills that come in handy for your big day -- calligraphy, floral design, and craft cocktail making anyone? Their next event Trousseau, in Milwaukee, is a bridal workshop that sounds just dreamy. GOOD News! They also run an online calligraphy class you can take from anywhere.

A Macrame Class with Emily Katz of Modern Macrame with One-One Thousand

A Macrame Class with Emily Katz of Modern Macrame with One-One Thousand

Emily Katz of Modern Macrame teaching a macrame course with one one thousand


We're so lucky to have University of Wisconsin's beautiful student union right in our backyard. Their Wheelhouse Studios on campus offers a wide range of classes- some are ongoing, some are one-time workshops. Personally, I think it'd be fun to take a pottery course, salsa dancing, and screen printing class! See their latest course catalog here.


This local cookware & culinary specialty store also hosts cooking classes featuring local chefs. They offer classes on a variety of food styles - from French to North African to cake decorating. 


Dream Bank is an amazing local resource for free classes & workshops, many of them catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs. I've done several speaking engagements and classes here - from Instagram Strategy to Personal Branding.  They also hosts topic pertaining to wellness like free yoga classes, DIY events, and hands-on events for families.

We took a cooking class in Tuscany on our honeymoon! It was the best.

We took a cooking class in Tuscany on our honeymoon! It was the best.



Skillshare has a huge range of classes in Creative, Business, Technology & Lifestyle categories. They teach classes on everything from calligraphy to watercolor artwork to building a brand on Etsy to travel photography tutorials. You can take courses on an individual class basis or go premium to take unlimited classes. Through the link above you can try 3 months of unlimited classes for $0.99 a month. I actually did this for our wedding and took a bunch of hand lettering courses!


My girl Chloe at Boxwood Avenue has an amazing free calligraphy course!  First, she sets you up with a shopping list of the recommended items to get started. Then, she sends you a four part course over email to teach you all of the foundational basics to beautiful modern calligraphy. Her blog is full of inspiring DIY projects to check out!


Creative Live offers rotating on-air classes for free or you can purchase a course that you can watch at any time. These classes are ideal for people with businesses in creative industry but would be great simply learn more about a subject.. The current classes catching my eye -- food photography, make your own bath & body products, and travel hacking!


Sur La Table hosts cooking classes at their various locations throughout the United States. Kyle & I have taken an Italian Date Night class together at Hilldale in Madison in their beautiful kitchen. It's so much fun learning together (& eating a delicious meal)! We've recreated the recipes we learned many times for weekly dinners. They also offer online cooking classes if you don't live nearby one of their locations.

   Do you have any other suggestions or ideas for people wanting to tap into their creative side? Let us know in the comments! Kyle and I also love taking classes when we travel, so if you have any fun workshops where you live, we'd love to hear about it!