Interior Inspiration: Boho Modern Living Room

  Since we aren't at a place where we can start decorating our home yet, we've just been savings lots and lots of inspiration (thanks, Pinterest)! If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen the binder I've started to collect inspiration for each room. Eventually, it will hold paint swatches, magazine, tears, quotes, business cards, contracts, and receipts. 

   We're excited to share a recurring series on the blog, where we'll design a dream space- and of course link to all of the featured items so you can shop the look right from the post. We strive to keep things on the affordable side. So much can be achieved by being choosy about which pieces you invest in (for us, that's usually furniture) and which to save on (art, pillows, decor). 

   Our first interior inspiration features a boho rustic living room design. It's a warm but stylish space that features mid-century furniture,  a gallery wall with prints by makers, and a modern color palette. We're pretty in love and can just picture a little wood burning stove and pile of wood in the corner to complete the space.

Interior Inspiration | Boho Rustic Living room with mid-century furniture, plants, and gallery wall


Gallery Wall:  Arrow Art |Work Hard, Be Kind PrintADVENTURE Print | Agate Art Print

Furniture: Tan Leather Couch | Gold Floor Lamp | Mid-Century Chair | Rustic Coffee Table

Decor: Safavieh Rug | Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant | White Faux Fur Pillow | Geometric Print Pillow | Blush Velvet Pillow | PF Candle Jar | Faux Peony Flowers |But First Coffee Mug

     In general when it comes to designing a space, function is just as important as style. We want an intentional room that caters to our lifestyle. It's important to us to have a space that can be truly lived in -- a perfectly worn in leather couch, a rug that can withstand Kyle accidentally coming in with sawdust on his socks, and decor that's meaningful and makes us happy!


  • We love the idea of keeping the big investment pieces in our home a neutral palette, so we can add pops of color and pattern through decor. That way, if our style changes 10 years from now, it's easy to give our room a look and feel consistent with what we're loving at that time. 
  •  This room's modern color palette that combines neutral gray & tan with mineral blue, blush, and pops of metallic gold. If you're worried about making all of the elements of a room feel cohesive, choosing a color palette of complementary hues makes things a lot easier.
  • One thing I've taught Kyle is that throw pillows don't have to be identical- they can coordinate! These pillows all share a warm color family & combine a geometric southwestern style pattern with tons of texture with faux fur & velvet.
  • Plants are an easy way to give bring some energy into the room! I love bigger statement making fiddle leaf fig plants & ferns, but even a tabletop succulent  or a macrame hanging air plant adds a bit of charm. A great faux plant like this one from Target will add a splash of color even if you don't have a green thumb (or long, cold winters like we do in Wisconsin).
  • Create a gallery wall made up of different styles of art prints by choosing a a color or two or theme that can tie them all together. These prints all share an "adventure" vibe - the mix of calligraphy, a 3-D arrow,  bold typography & natural elements give it an effortlessly cool vibe.

  If you're looking for more interior inspiration, check out our Pinterest page!

   We're excited to bring more interior inspiration designs in the future. If you have a tricky piece you're looking for some design inspo for, send us a note, we'd love to help!