San Fran Packing List

   Kyle & I had to laugh on the first vacation we took together. As we stared at our overstuffed suitcases for a long weekend, we realized that we're both chronic (procrastinating) over-packers. For our honeymoon we challenged ourselves to take only a carry-on for two weeks in Italy in wildly different temperatures. While doing laundry in our airbnb sink was not our finest moment, what we realized was that we could do it. 

   As we're gearing up for five-ish days in San Fran to visit my sister, we thought we'd get a head start on packing our bags and share a look at what we're bringing!

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      We never felt like we had a shortage of clothes to wear on our honeymoon. We were also thanking our lucky stars as we dashed from train to train toting our lightweight suitcases. A sturdy carry-on from Eagle Creek & compression packing cubes have totally changed the travel game for us. Making a list before we go has also helped us become more efficient in choosing pieces we can mix and match. I love to plan different outfit combinations before I leave to make sure I can wear each item in at least 2-3 different ways

   What I love about SF is its casual cool vibe. It's totally acceptable to rock your New Balances at a cocktail bar & the surprisingly chilly weather is ideal for layering.    Check out our packing list for five days in San Fran below. 

packing list for san fran

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What We're Packing for SF:

what Lauren's bringing: cozy sweaters, lacy tanks & a chic rain coat!

what Lauren's bringing: cozy sweaters, lacy tanks & a chic rain coat!

what Kyle's bringing: soft tees, preppy plaid shirts & cozy sweatshirt

what Kyle's bringing: soft tees, preppy plaid shirts & cozy sweatshirt


1. Make a packing list before you go
2. Ensure that each piece can be worn in at least 2-3 different ways
3. Invest in packing cubes to keep clothes organized within your suitcase. Konmari fold items. Place cubes in a dresser drawer when you get to a hotel for easy unpacking
4. Use one packing cube for dirty laundry to keep it separate
5. Double check the weather to ensure you are packing for the correct weather
6. Wear your bulkiest pieces on the plane
7. Download e-books instead of bringing traditional books to alleviate the weight of your bag
8. When it comes to cosmetics choose items that have dual functions (i.e. foundation & SPF)
9. Accessories can make outfits feel new & don't take up much space
10. Consider what activities you'll be doing while traveling -- if you're not planning a fancy night out-- skip the heels and opt for something comfier.

   We'll be sharing our travel adventures in San Francisco & Sonoma on the blog and instagram. If you have any favorite stops, be sure to leave us a comment! We're excited to get tons of design inspiration, eat lots of delicious local foods, explore the local sights, and sample some wine!