The First Wood Pile

   When my dad came to Lauren and I with a little project he wanted to do, instinctively  we thought what is next on the list.  Lauren and I have been very busy lately with house planning and countless other projects to the point that our to do list seems never ending.  Anyways, he mentioned a couple fallen trees that would be perfect for the wood stove we plan to have in our future home.  We are super excited for our cozy wood stove as the focus of our main living room in our home.  

   The three of us spent the morning cutting and splitting wood perfect for our future stove.  We are going through the labor now to let the wood "cure" until we have the renovation done and are ready to light our first fire.  Lauren and I can already imagine mixing a nice craft cocktail and lighting our first fire in our new home.  Simple living (and hygge) at its finest!

preparing the winter woodpile at the farm | La Petite Farmhouse
cutting wood for the woodpile
rustic stack of wood
chopping wood at the farm
splitting wood for the winter

 While getting caught up in the stresses of home planning and our ongoing projects it can be easy to lose focus on the the important things.  Putting in a hard day of work with your family truly clears your mind and brings perspective back.  Even though we are looking forward to a more simplified life, by no means does that mean easier...but we are happy about that.  

  Wood cutting has always been a part of my childhood.  Part of our winter preparation living on the farm in Wisconsin meant having enough firewood stacked for the upcoming winter.  As a child I often complained about spending the day in the woods cutting firewood.  Through time I came to appreciate this time with my dad and brother cutting and stacking the countless pieces of wood. It's hard to believe that now things have come full circle; my dad is now working alongside me to cut firewood for our future home.


"Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice." - Henry Ford