Storage With Style for a Mindful & Modern Home

   In our journey to start living with less, we've come to the realization that if things are tucked away in a plastic storage bin in your closet, you're probably not going to use them. Pieces that are hidden away become forgotten about. So, we'e all about storage that doubles as  home decor. Having pieces with easy reach encourages you to use and appreciate what you have!

   If you're on a mission to get more organized or de-clutter in the new year, we think you'll enjoy these design tips!

                                our favorite storage  pieces for a more mindful, modern home

                                our favorite storage  pieces for a more mindful, modern home



Clear the clutter by using wood crates or baskets in storage cubes:
I have an Ikea "cube" organizer that I bought for my first bachelorette pad that's still a piece in our home. Target has a nice version that comes in different colors and wood variations. They're super versatile and can serve whatever purpose you need in your home - from actual bookcase to craft organizer. To give it a grown-up look add in wood crates or baskets for a morecohesive feel (& to help keep clutter out of sight).

Use glass apothecary jars to store & display guest soaps or bath scrubs: 
Glass jars not only give bathrooms a spa-like feel they can be perfectly functional too. Consider storing pretty guest soaps, makeup brushes, cotton balls, or a homemade bath scrub (I want to try this lavender bath soak  DIY from Chloe at Boxwood Avenue).

Wire or seagrass baskets are perfect for stowing blankets:
It's pretty much an unwritten rule in our house that when a movie comes on, out come the blankets. Rather than trying to keep them perfectly on display on the couch or in a linen closet, consider putting them in a beautiful basket that can be tucked away in the corner. It keeps thing tidy, and can make use of an awkward space in the living room. We also adore blanket ladders like this one from Etsy-- this could make a fun weekend DIY project too!

Utilize streamlined velvet hangers in your closet:
I've slowly been replacing all of my hand-me-down and neon colored plastic hangers to velvet hangers. Not only do clothes hang much better on them because of their extra grip, they also take up less space than a plastic hanger. They're a bit pricer but worth the splurge because I'm not constantly picking up clothes that have slipped off the hanger.  Now that I've downsized my amount of clothes, it makes it so much easier to see everything I have in my closet.

Design a "Command" Center at Your Entryway
We've been pining over "command center" inspirations lately. I feel like that's a super cheesy name for it, but they're basically a go-to spot (usually at your entryway) with a calendar, reminder list, and a spot for keys & mail. My biggest strategy to eliminate clutter this year is to deal with mail right away-- either open it or put it in a priority pile or send it straight to the recycling bin. 

Divide Your Dresser Drawers:
Folding our clothes in a "KonMari" style fashion (a la the "Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" has been a huge space & time saver.  When you take something out of your drawer it doesn't disrupt anything because things are displayed vs. stacked on top of each other. These drawer dividers are essential because you can fit several rows within your drawer.


   Now that we've shared a few of our favorites tips to incorporate your storage into your home decor and ideas for more mindful modern living, we'd love to hear your ideas!