Natural Winter Beauty Essentials

      As a former Florida girl, moving to Wisconsin was a rude awakening when winter came around. I was used to year-long humidity and the rare use of heat in our home. I learned that Midwest winters gave me dry skin & hair and chapped lips. It required a big adjustment to my beauty routine. Thankfully, after nearly 7 years, I've finally found a few skin care & beauty products that are the perfect remedy to cold weather. 

     I've slowly started to detox my beauty routine, swapping to products made with natural ingredients. I try to avoid eating processed food and chemicals, so why not take the same approach to the products I use on my skin & hair? 

   I've rounded up a few of my favorite natural winter beauty & skincare products that are on heavy rotation in the winter time. Trust that we'll never share something that we wouldn't use or love ourselves!

Natural Winter Beauty Products


  • Shampure Dry Shampoo | Aveda: Washing your hair less during winter helps it retain some of its natural oils and keeps it from drying out. If I need to give my second (or third) day hair some life I'll massage a bit of this natural powder in my roots.
  • Daily Reviving Concentrate | Kiehl's: This lightweight facial oil is pricey but you only need a couple of drops each time you use it. I like to put it on first thing in the morning before I put my make-up on. It's made with natural ingredients like ginger root & sunflower oil.
  • Matcha & Mint Butter Balm | Little Barn Apothecary: When my lips or hands are super chapped nothing helps moisturize and alleviate redness like this deeply hydrating balm. It's a miracle worker in the winter time.
  • Rosewater Facial Spray | Mario Badescu: This facial spray is super-hydrating with aloe, rosewater, and herbs. It not only smells slightly floral and fresh; it won't mess up your make-up. It's reasonably priced as well, just $7 for a bottle.
  • Goat Milk Soap | Beekman 1802: I've loved watching the small business journey of the Beekman Boys. The goat's milk & shea butter is super moisturizing & perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Bamboo & Fresh Mint Facial Spray | Little Barn Apothecary: I picked up this spray while visiting my sister in San Fran. It's perfect to spritz on mid-day when your skin needs a refresh. It has an energizing mint scent.
  • Beeswax Lip Balm | Burt's Bees: I've used this chapstick nearly all my life. Unlike some petroleum based lip balms that end up making lips more chapped, it's super moisturizing and nourishing. In the winter time, I keep one in my purse, nightstand, and desk.
  • Rosemary Mint Composition Oil | Aveda: This is my favorite to use after stepping out of the shower. Just take a few drops and massage into your skin & scalp. The herbal scent makes me feel like I'm at a spa!

    I've made moisturizers a part of my daily beauty routine, but adding in some of these products has made such a difference in the way my skin & hair looks and feels in the cold winter months!