2017 Word of the Year: Simplify

   There's something special about the close of one year and start of the next. I've been using Lara Casey's Powersheets planner to, in her words, "cultivate what matters". I've seen how impactful it can be to reflect each month, set tiny but achievable goals, and celebrate each victory. One of my biggest takeaways was how much easier it became to make things happen when you choose a word for the year to focus on instead of a huge list of lofty resolutions and goals. 

   Last year my word was "create" and that was definitely achieved! We designed our dream wedding day and I built this wonderful new lifestyle blog, a huge departure from the fashion blogging I've been doing for the last 10 years. I also created new opportunities for myself! I had the chance to speak at several events and connected with an inspiring group of entrepreneurs at our local Rising Tide Society group.

   Kyle & I decided to choose a word to focus on for 2017 together this year! We chose "simplify" as our word of the year! Lara has a great blog post explaining how to choose a word if you're interested in learning more!

simplify WOTY.png


   Simplify has been one of our mantras for a while lately. So, it makes total sense that we make it a word to focus on and center our 2017 on. So, how exactly do we plan on simplifying in the new year? To us this means...

  • Saying "no" (as difficult as that can be) to things that drain us instead of lift us up. For example, mindless scrolling on Instagram while we're just waking up in the morning.
  • Doing some major decluttering. We've already started this in a big way with clothes but now we have to move on to books, tech accessories, and papers. Another aspect I hadn't thought about is digital decluttering. A more organized inbox and computer makes for a clearer head.
  • A focus on minimizing the amount of stuff we own has also given a new outlook on buying things in general. We question how much we really need or want something before buying it. 
  • Spending our date nights and quality time together unplugged with phones put away.
  • Becoming more mindful of how we spend our free time. Though we love a good Netflix binge, carving out time to get things done around the house and for self-care can be way less stressful in the big picture!
  • Simplfying our priorities- by trying to focus most on what matters and acknowledging that we can do anything but not everything,

   Please tell us we're not the only ones trying to get back to basics this year! We'd love to hear what word you're focusing on for 2017. Let us know in the comments below!