Books to Inspire Your New Year

   The new year is the perfect time to press pause and recharge. Each January I like to pick up a new book to motivate me in the new year. We've rounded up a few on our reading list to spark reflection, creativity, and inspiration. Books are my biggest indulgence. While Kyle would rather read an e-book or listen to a podcast, I have always loved the tangible quality of a good book.

                                           one of our reading list picks- the 52 Lists Project! 

                                           one of our reading list picks- the 52 Lists Project! 

   Last year for Christmas we bought the 3 Year Couples Daily Q&A Journal. There are some some funny & insightful daily prompts and it's so fun to read each other's answers. The new year is also a time to get inspired. We listened to the audio version Chip & Joanna Gaines' the Magnolia Story and identified SO much with their journey. It reaffirmed our farmhouse renovating dreams and to trust in the paths life takes you down. Additionally, decluttering and starting the year off on a fresh note is always the biggie for us. After reading "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" we applied so many of the principles to our life (more on that here). 

   Check out our picks for books to help inspire you in the new year and a peek at what's on our reading list in 2017.

Books To Inspire Your 2017

2017 | Reading List to Inspire Your New Year

WILD AND FREE: This book focuses on the idea that you don't have to be everything to everyone. It gives permission to those who feel like they are "too much" and yet still "not enough"  freedom to change their mindset.

THE MAGNOLIA STORY: Chip and Joanna Gaines' story behind (& before) their hit tv show Fixer Upper. Their path to get there is surprising and beautiful and makes you adore them even more.

PRESENT OVER PERFECT: This book asks you to free yourself from the constant pressure to work harder & faster and be perfect. The author, Shauna Niequist challenges you to change your mindset to instead give yourself grace, rest, and play.

52 LISTS PROJECT: Weekly list-making prompts to help you to take action to make your dreams a reality (and really gorgeous imagery)!

START WHERE YOU ARE: An interactive journal to nurture, creativity, self-exploration, and mindfulness. A daily reminder to take the time to know ourselves and our dreams.

Q&A A DAY: A 5 YEAR JOURNAL: Daily writing prompts ranging from silly to deep. Notice how your answers change as you reflect each day over a 5-year time period.

 THE HANDS ON HOME: If your goal is to "make" more in the new year this book is for you. It's filled with recipes for canning & preserving, making your own non-toxic home & personal care products, and inspiration for a modern household.

THE YEAR OF COZY: We have this book at home! It's split up by season and full of recipes, DIY's and ideas to savor each time of year in the coziest ways imaginable.

THE LIFE CHANGING MAGIC OF TIDYING UP: Marie Kondo's method of decluttering for a simplified life and home has actually been life-changing for us.It's helped us change our mindset on "stuff" and truly asking ourselves if something will bring us joy before we even bring it into our home.


   What's on your reading list for 2017?