20 Cold Weather Date Ideas

   Lets be real, chilly winter evenings can definitely put a damper on date nights, There's only so many times you can watch movies on Netflix! We thought we'd share a few of our go-to date night ideas during the  cold Wisconsin winter months. All it takes is a little bit of creativity to ward off the winter blues as a couple!



  1.  De-stress with some adult coloring books (this one is our favorite)
  2.  Buy a mix & match seasonal beer 6-pack and rate your favorites
  3.  Do some thrift-store hunting for vintage record treasures
  4.  Take a roadtrip and explore a local town
  5.  Have a "chopped" style challenge. Choose one ingredient that both people have to use to make a craft cocktail concoction 
  6.  Take a winter hike at a nature preserve or state park (don't forget the Sorel boots)
  7.  Take a cooking class together to master a new recipe
  8. Invite friends over for a double date dinner. They can bring the dessert
  9. Go ice skating (indoors if you live in the south!)
  10. Do some "indoor camping". Make a blanket fort (you're never too old) & make stovetop s'mores
  11. Build a snowman together
  12. Head to a local basketball or hockey game
  13. Have a board game night (we get super competitive playing Scrabble!)
  14. Check out the local events listings and attend a play, festival or concert
  15. Enjoy a progressive dinner, stopping at a different location for each course
  16. Drive around to look at Christmas lights
  17. Go to a local comedy club (or better yet & even cheaper, an open mic night)
  18. Go antiquing in a small town; it helps to have a goal of what you're looking for (i.e. vintage crates & signs, Christmas ornaments, etc.)
  19. Visit a local winery or distillery 
  20. Have an "unplugged" evening listening to podcasts & drinking some vino (our favorites are This American Life, Radiolab & The Moth).

What are your favorite winter date night ideas?