Farmhouse Thanksgiving Style

      Setting the Thanksgiving table is one of our favorite parts of the holiday. Whether you're having people over for Friendsgiving or hosting a family celebration at your home- it's the perfect opportunity to inject a little bit of your personal style into dinner.

  This time of year makes us feel especially grateful for all of the wonderful people in our life and how blessed we are! There's no need to go out and buy all new decor for Thanksgiving. Borrow pieces from your existing decor or  add in a few statement pieces that you'll be able to utilize for years to come! We also love adding a few local or gourmet foodie finds to the table for a twist on tradition.


   1. Plaid Napkins  | 2. Velvet Pumpkin | 3. Gold Leaf Wreath | 4. Teak Charger | 5. Pecan Pie in a Jar | 6. FarmGirl Flowers Bouquet | 7. Pumpkin Casserole Baker | 8. Maple Bourbon Roasting Glaze | 9. Fall Scented Candle | 10. Art of the Pie Cookbook

Kyle's mom's favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and she loves trying out new recipes and making sure she makes all of the boys' favorites (give em alllll the cranberry sauce)! We've started frying our turkey the past couple of years, and it makes for the tastiest leftovers ever. Usually we get to make an appetizer or dessert to contribute so we'll be on the hunt for something perfect.

What are your Thanksgiving plans this year?