Welcome to La Petite Farmhouse

   Hi, we're Lauren & Kyle Anderson! Welcome to La Petite Farmhouse! We're on a journey to renovate Kyle's 100-year old family farmhouse. We're so excited to share our newlywed adventure on our blog!  We're going to share our entire renovation journey as well as life on the farm. For us the farmhouse is more than just a project-- it's a symbol of family, tradition, a deeper connection to nature, and taking life a little bit slower.

                                                    Photo by:  Laurelyn Savannah Photography

                                                    Photo by: Laurelyn Savannah Photography

We thought it would be fun to do a little interview with each other! It was fun to see each other's answers and we think you'll enjoy getting to know us a little bit better too.

Lauren: What makes you most excited about renovating the farmhouse?

Kyle: Taking a one of a kind 100+ year old home that has been part of our family history and renovating it with my wife to make it our own.

Kyle: When did you first know you wanted to renovate the farmhouse?

Lauren: Truth be told, I've literally wanted to live on a farm my entire life. When I was a little kid when we'd draw photos of what we wanted to do when we grew up.. I'd draw a photo of a big red barn. So, in some cosmic way I kind of feel like renovating the farmhouse is my destiny.

Lauren: What was your favorite part about growing up in the country?

Kyle: Growing up in the country built very strong family values and a direct connection with the land.

Kyle: What design influence do you get most of for inspiration from?

I have a huge range of inspirations. Right now it's a range of Fixer Upper rustic style, minimalist Scandinavian, and mid-century modern.

Lauren: When did you first start learning how to make & build things?

Kyle: I'm not quite sure but it must have been at a very young age.  Growing up on a farm naturally encouraged my brothers and I to be hands on and build things.

                                                  Photo by:  Laurelyn Savannah Photography

                                                  Photo by: Laurelyn Savannah Photography

Kyle: What part of living in the country is most appealing to you?

Lauren: I'm looking forward to having a little garden. Cooking using produce from the farm, and making more things from scratch. For some reason freshly baked bread just tastes that much better out in the country.

Lauren: What's one thing on your wishlist for the future farmhouse?

Kyle: A wood burning stove

Kyle: What room of the farmhouse will you show to guests first?

I imagine having a really light & bright, open kitchen. We love cooking and entertaining so, I have a feeling a lot of our home will revolve around this space!

Lauren: If you could describe your design aesthetic in two words what would it be?

Kyle: Rustic Modern

Kyle:  What part of the renovation process are you most excited about?

Lauren:  I'm excited to decorate! Both of us have lived with roommates for a long time, so being able to have our own blank canvas is going to be so much fun. I only have a few dozen Pinterest boards worth of inspiration...

We're so thankful you're joining us on our La Petite Farmhouse journey! Be sure to stop by our instagram so we can keep in touch!